Aultmore Hollow, romantic revirside accommodation

The Aultmore Story

Aultmore Taupo bed and breakfast homestay

Aultmore is an old Gaelic meaning "Big Burn", the Waikato River certainly is a "Big Burn". Actually it is New Zealand's longest river, one of great beauty and historical significance. Aultmore is nestled right on the bank of the Wakato River, so we guess that qualifies it as a "Big Burn"! This was our starting point in naming our property.

Host Mike is something of a Scotch Whisky affectionardo. Aultmore is one of the lesser known, but highly rated, single malt whiskys from the Speyside whisky area of Scotland. It is a hard whisky to come across in New Zealand, but Mike usually has a bottle handy! This was the second prompt in naming our property Aultmore.

Then there is the Bed & Breakfast. Aultmore House in Inverness-shire, Scotland is a truly grand place. Built at the turn of the 20th century for the proprietor of a very successful department store in Moscow, with no expense spared, Aultmore has breathtaking views from every aspect and is surrounded by charming grounds including a range of formal terraces with lawns and stone features, two gazebos and a grotto.

Aultmore House

Until quite recently Aultmore House was an exclusive B&B, with a tariff ranging up to £3,000 per night! This sumptuous elegance was used in two episodes of the BBC TV drama "Monarch of the Glen".

Finally there is the Bob Dylan connection. Early in 2007 Aultmore House (Scotland) was bought by Bob Dylan and his brother as their private highland retreat. Although your hosts are Bob Dylan fans we promise not to inflict his music on you (unless asked of course!) So now you know the threads that led us to name our Taupo B&B.